Haris Apartments Menu


Continental – Variety of bread, marmelade, butter, toastie, coffee or tea and orange juice6,00€
English – Fried Eggs, Variety of bread, marmalade, butter, toastie, coffee or tea and orange juice9,00€


Toastie – Cheese, Ham or Turkey, Tomato, Lettuce and crisps3,00€
Chicken Nuggets – with fries and mayonnaise 7,50€
Club Sandwichwith fries and mayonnaise7,50€
Cheese Burger with fries and ketchup7,50€
Omelettewith choice of fries, veggies, bacon 7,50€
Pizza – Margarita, Vegetarian, Sausage, Special7,50€
Fries – with ketchup or mayonnaise5,00€
Greek Salad – Tomato, cucumber, green peppers, onion, olive oil, oregano, and premium Feta cheese7,50€
Fruit Salad – variety of available fruits7,50€


1 scoops in a cup2,00€
2 scoops in a cup3,00€


Espresso – double2,50€
Cappuccino 2,50€
Freddo Espresso2,50€
Freddo Cappuccino2,50€
Greek Coffee2,50€
Nescafe 2,50€


Fimi Orange 250ml2,00€
Fimi Orange – non sparkling 250ml2,00€
Fimi Lemon 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Sprite 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Cola 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Grapefruit 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Tangerin 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Zelita 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Soda 250 ml2,00€
Fimi Tonic 250 ml2,00€
Pepsi Cola 250 ml2,00€
Pepsi Cola Max 250 ml2,00€
Rea Orange Juice 250 ml2,00€
Rea Kids Strawberry Juice 250 ml2,00€
Rea Kids Banana Juice 250 ml2,00€
Hell Energy Drink 250 ml2,00€
Hell Energy Drink – Apple 250 ml2,00€
Fresh Orange Juice3,50€


Mythos 330ml2,50€
Fix 330ml2,50€
Fix Alcohol Free 330ml2,50€
Candia – Cretan Beer 330ml2,50€
Kaizer 330ml3,00€
Corona 330ml5,00€
Mythos Ice 330ml5,00€
White Wine 250ml – 500ml3,00€ -5,00€
Red Wine 250ml – 500ml3,00€ -5,00€


Vodka – with choice of refreshment6,00€
Bacardi – with choice of refreshment6,00€
Gin – with choice of refreshment6,00€
Whisky – water, cola, or soda6,00€

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